Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dzus, expanding the product line for wartime....

St. Andrews by the Sea

The president of the CPR, Cornelius Van Horne had an estate on Ministers Island across the bay from St. Andrews, so maybe it's no coincidence that the CPR acquired the Algonquin Hotel as part of their chain of resorts.

Queen Mary in cross-section

J.E. Pryde-Hughes (Editor).  The Children's Book of Achievement.
London & Glasgow:  Collins Clear-Type Press, 1953.

Another job you wouldn't want to do: Drying fish

The Canadian Educator for Home and School Use, vol 3.  Toronto:  The Iroquois Press, 1929.

Ontario Public School Geography.  Toronto:  W.J. Gage & Co., Limited, c. 1920.

Sidecar Sunday

British 16 Ton tank

The 16 ton tank was a development of the Vickers medium tank and was first produced in 1929. Its four man crew was protected by .5" to 1" thick armour and with an 180 hp air cooled engine was capable of about 30 mph. The main gun was a 3 pounder but the tank also had machine guns in two small turrets at the front corners (here obscured by debris from the collapsing wall). The tank was expensive to build and not successful, only three were built.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dual controls on a twin screw cruiser, 1965

John Bohannan.  Your Guide to Boating Power or Sail.  Barnes & Nobles, 1965, 1969.

Let your fingers do the driving!

Hockey team, Aylmer, Quebec, 1895

Diane Aldred.  Aylmer Québec.  Its Heritage.  Aylmer Heritage Association, 1977, 3rd Edition 1989.

They look like convicts.  Maybe its just their conviction.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hupmobile, 1934

Princess St, Kingston, late 1970s

Paul Von Baich The old Kingston Road, Oxford University Press 1980
View east from Montreal St.